SOMA Research Website

Making research more accessible to osteopathic medical students

This resource was created by the Database/Website Subcommittee of the Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA) Research Committee. Our goals are to make research more accessible to osteopathic medical students, to showcase research opportunities to get involved in, to house articles about how to do scholarly research, information on journals you can publish to, a forum to share information, and more! Please see adjacent infographic for more information about the SOMA Research Committee.

The National SOMA Research Website is meticulously crafted for osteopathic medical students seeking to enhance their research expertise. It serves as a comprehensive hub for research opportunities, offering detailed guidance on participating in and accessing pertinent information for SOMA’s bi-annual research symposiums, along with highlights of past winners. Beyond that, the site houses a myriad of articles covering diverse topics, including summer research opportunities, navigating publication processes, initiating projects, and more. It is also the exclusive platform for The Future D.O., the only osteopathic student magazine dedicated to advancing and educating current and future medical professionals. On the website, you will discover an interactive forum for inquiries and discussions, research spotlight awards, and an array of other valuable resources!


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